Lynn Jackson - Over 75 Years in the Making

Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, P.C., has a proud history of providing top-quality legal services to South Dakota and our region and has done so since its founding in 1946.



The end of World War II

Peace is declared.


Whiting, Wilson and Lynn is formed

Whiting, Wilson and Lynn is formed by Charles Whiting and John Wilson after Kelton S. Lynn joins the firm upon his return from the war. Both Whiting and Lynn distinguished themselves in their World War II service to our country. Whiting served in the JAG office and in the prosecution at the Nuremberg trials. Lynn returned as a combat veteran and a decorated war hero.


Donald R. Shultz Joins the Firm

Donald R. Shultz, a Huron Native, joined the firm in 1956. Don served as President of the South Dakota State Bar Association, as well as National President of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Don’s steadfastness, friendliness, courtesy, and perseverance have been character traits he instilled in all members of the Firm.


Horace Jackson Joins Firm

Horace Jackson leaves the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Civil Litigation in 1961 and joins the Firm. He established a reputation for trial and appellate excellence in condemnation cases, where land was acquired for the construction of Lake Francis Case and the dam at Chamberlain, South Dakota.


Gene N. Lebrun Joins the Firm

Gene joined the firm as a graduate of the North Dakota School of Law, and he served as Speaker of the South Dakota House of Representatives, President of National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, and Chairman of the Board of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Gene’s love of public service has gained him prominence in local, state, and national organizations.


The Firm Opens Sioux Falls Office

The Firm opened an office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1987 as a result of statewide clientele and major litigation in federal and state courts throughout the state.


The Firm Opens Spearfish Office

In 2016 Lynn, Jackson, Shultz and Lebrun, P.C., established an office in Spearfish, South Dakota.


75th Anniversary

Lynn, Jackson, Shultz and Lebrun, P.C., celebrates its 75th Anniversary.


The Firm Relocates Spearfish Office to Belle Fourche

In 2023 Lynn, Jackson, Shultz and Lebrun, P.C., relocated its Spearfish office to Belle Fourche, South Dakota.