Labor and Employment

For decades, Lynn Jackson has provided expert legal advice to employers throughout South Dakota. With offices in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Belle Fourche, we regularly represent public and private employers and governmental entities on all types of labor and employment issues. We also handle employees’ claims and lawsuits relating to race, age, and gender discrimination and retaliation.


Employment and Non-Compete Agreements

Lynn Jackson’s attorneys routinely represent both employers and employees in drafting, reviewing and providing advice on employment agreements, including executive employment agreements, severance/separation agreements, and independent contractor agreements.  In addition, we provide assistance in drafting restrictive covenant agreements such as non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.

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Employment-Related Issues and Claims

Lynn Jackson’s attorneys assist employers and employees in navigating all employment-related issues and claims.  We represent companies and individuals with employment-related claims, including discrimination/harassment claims on the basis of sex, age, disability, race, national origin, and religion, as well as breach of contract-type claims, wage and hour claims, unemployment, workers compensation, FMLA, OSHA, and other statutory violation claims.

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Human Resources and Compliance

Lynn Jackson’s attorneys are experienced in assisting employers with human resources and compliance issues in the areas of hiring, disciplinary action, firing/termination (including reductions in force), employee benefits, record keeping, independent contractor and leased employee issues, wage and hour questions, and immigration.  Our team of attorneys and skilled professionals also routinely drafts, revises and counsels clients on employee handbooks, policies, and procedures.

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Workplace Training, Investigations, and Audits

Lynn Jackson’s attorneys and skilled professionals provide employers of all sizes with up-to-date training on employment issues such as discrimination and harassment, bullying, diversity, inclusion, hiring/firing/discipline, disabilities and accommodation, and wage and hour issues.  Our team also conducts investigations relating to employment-related claims and conducts a variety of personnel practices audits for our clients to ensure best practices and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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