Insurance Coverage Considerations

We have experienced some unusual weather this year, resulting in damage to property. Insurance coverage for that damage can raise questions.

All determinations on whether certain damage is “covered” by insurance start with the terms and conditions of the particular policy you purchased. Keeping insurance documents to track what changes may have occurred with renewals or rewriting coverage is an important step. While your insurance agent is a great source of help in understanding the policy, if you purchased your policy on-line, you may not have a local person to contact when you have questions.

If you have a homeowners insurance policy, you may have different “buckets” of coverage available. You may have insurance addressing personal property, and you may have debris removal coverage in addition to the insurance available for any structural damage. These different types of coverage may have different limits, which is the dollar amount you have available to address a loss. Keeping track of what expenses are allocated against what type of coverage may provide you with greater benefits.

Because insurance policies are different, just because your neighbor got a new roof will not mean you have that same coverage. Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, P.C. has several lawyers well-versed in reading policies and understanding the questions about coverage that may be involved. Call our insurance coverage experts at 605-342-2592.

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