Lynn Jackson attorney, McLean Thompson Kerver, named South Dakota Community Foundation KEY CLUB member

The South Dakota Community Foundation KEY CLUB is made up of about 70 respected and trusted professional advisors from across the state. McLean has played a key role in strengthening the South Dakota Community Foundation and has helped her clients leave behind a legacy they can be proud of. 

Congratulations, McLean!

About South Dakota Community Foundation:

To bring philanthropy to life for a stronger South Dakota.

Every day SDCF works to simplify the philanthropic process and make your charitable donations do more. On the one hand, SDCF helpS donors take advantage of tax benefits, manage their paperwork, and stay on top of philanthropic trends and legal details. On the other, SDCF focuses on growing their charitable dollars through careful investments—so their donations can provide long-term support for charitable causes.

SDCF administer approximately $300 million in assets for more than 850 endowed funds. SDCF provides grants and administrative support to nonprofit organizations and serve as a philanthropic resource for donors, advisors, and nonprofits throughout the state.

The SDCF helps a variety of people, but its purpose is singular—to make South Dakota better for all generations, today and tomorrow. Since 1987, SDCF has helped people reach their philanthropic goals and strengthen their communities.

Whether you are just beginning to learn about our mission or have partnered with SDCF for years, SDCF invites you to explore how they are helping to build a stronger future for the state.

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