Lynn Jackson's Newest Associate, Madison (Huber) Young, receives the Woods Aitken Outstanding Student Award from the University of Nebraska College of Law*

The Woods Aitken Outstanding Student Award honors a third-year law student who has committed to building the Nebraska Law community by demonstrating excellence in the classroom and exemplifying qualities consistent with the University of Nebraska College of Law’s mission and values.

The 2020 Woods Aitken Outstanding Student Award winner was Madison L. Huber, who graduated in 2020. During her time at the College, Huber was a tremendous contributor to the College of Law. She was a member of the College’s National Trial Team and National Moot Court Team. In addition, she was an active member of the Women’s Law Caucus, volunteered for the VITA program and served on the faculty appointments committee. Of her time at Nebraska Law, highlighted some of the qualities that awarded her this recognition.

“She graduated at the top of her class and amassed all the academic awards we have to offer. I believe that as impressive as these accomplishments are, they are mere byproducts of a pursuit of something more,” said assistant dean of student affairs and introducer, Marc W. Pearce. “She volunteered her time to counsel students who were struggling and supported them during difficult times. She is driven to make a meaningful and positive difference for the people in her community.”

Of her experience at UNL’s College of Law, Huber said, “People here are so generous with their time, which held true of my professors, classmates and alumni, as they were willing to put aside whatever was going on in their lives to help others, show compassion and thoughtfulness.” Reminiscing about a call she received from Dean Richard Moberly, Huber shared, “Despite the ongoing pandemic and the amount of work on Dean Moberly’s plate, he took the time to personally call me and apologize that this very banquet would have to be postponed. When I think back on that phone call, it’s one of the reasons I love Nebraska.”

Following graduation from the University of Nebraska College of Law, Madison was a judicial clerk for the Honorable Roberto A. Lange of the Federal District Court for the District of South Dakota.  Madison is now an associate attorney at Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, and practices in many areas of the law. 

*This article originally appeared in The Nebraska Transcript.

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