Reasons to Create a Business Plan

Lots of hard work is needed to turn a business idea into reality. There are long hours spent on researching, securing funding, and accepting potential risks. Entrepreneurs can easily feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information needed about their company, competition, and customers. Writing a business plan can dramatically increase the odds of entrepreneurial success, while effectively communicating goals to investors and potential employees. While it may initially take some time to create, a sound business plan can provide security and anticipate potential issues that can be solved ahead of time.

There are many components that entrepreneurs should consider outlining in their business plan:

  • Business description and structure
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Start up costs
  • Financial projections
  • Desired market
  • Potential customer base
  • Ownership structure
  • Marketing strategies
  • Well-communicated goals
  • Potential problems

The components listed above can help entrepreneurs organize their vision, while also aiding in making difficult business decisions. A business plan can also help minimize risk and identify potential future opportunities for growth and profits. Having a team of professionals, including an attorney, to provide guidance can ensure that your business and personal interests are protected as you begin the process of creating a business plan. Let Lynn Jackson help you. Contact Aaron Galloway at

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