Wire Fraud When You’re Wired to Close - Tips for Identifying and Avoiding Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions

You’ve finally found it – your dream home. This is the place where you are going to settle down, raise a family, and grow old with loved ones. The starter home you purchased when the market was low finally paid off. Timely mortgage payments and sweat equity have produced surprisingly high sale proceeds for which even Warren Buffet would give you a pat on the back. That first foray into real estate and those proceeds gave you the wherewithal to snatch up that dream home.

It is the day before you close on your dream home. You’ve been restless for days because you cannot stop thinking about what color the living room is going to be and which kid gets the bigger room. You get an email from the title company (your realtor is copied) stating that there are new wiring instructions and you need to send your down payment per the new wiring instructions. The realtor and owner of the title company in your little town knew you when you were just a kid so you naturally trust them. You don’t think twice about the new wiring instructions and initiate the wire.

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